An 8-week program to help you write your BEST COPY EVER

  October 12- November 30, 2022  

You have some copy that needs writing.

Maybe it’s copy for the new website you want to create. Or the new product you want to launch.

Maybe you want to create an email sequence that does a great job of transforming new subscribers into die-hard loyal clients or customers.

Or maybe you’re looking to clarify your story and your “why” – and learn how to write content that reflects your personality and makes it easy for your ideal clients to love you.

But even though you KNOW you need to write that copy, something has been stopping you from getting it done.

You tell yourself it’s because…

woman biting a pencil in frustration while looking at computer screen

🤨 You’re so busy doing the work you love, you can never find the time to focus on your copy.

🤨 You never seem to find the “right words” – and you’re worried this means you NEVER WILL

🤨 You lack the commitment and accountability to get your butt in the chair and just WRITE

🤨 You’ve never had a writing mentor to support you and give you feedback to improve your work

But despite all of the very understandable reasons why you haven’t written your copy yet, they don’t change this essential fact:

Your lack of great copy is holding you back from growing your business!

Because if people don’t have a clear understanding of who you are or how your products, programs, or services will change their lives for the better, they will be far less likely to take you up on your offer.

And that means fewer sales and clients for you. Eep!

The good news is, you don’t have to be a “great writer” to write copy that inspires action.

Because – spoilers, darling! – great copy isn’t really about great WRITING.

a woman who looks surprised

It doesn’t matter if you have a sophisticated vocabulary or know how to use a semicolon correctly.

And it’s not about using “savvy marketing tactics” to compel people to buy from you.

Good copy is simply good COMMUNICATION.

It’s about understanding what people want and sharing the information in a way that makes sense to THEM.

And that’s exactly what you will learn to do in WORDPOWER ACADEMY this fall!

You’re 8 weeks away from writing your best copy ever.

WordPower Academy is a new 8-week copywriting program that combines self-directed video lessons with weekly live “WORDPLAY” copy coaching sessions that give you a dedicated time and place to make real progress on your writing goals and get valuable feedback on your work.

You’ll get the tools, training, and support you need to...

overhead view of hands typing on a laptop

Develop a writing voice that sounds like YOU (because it IS you)

Get clear on your business story and your “why”

Identify your USP – what makes you stand out from the crowd

Structure your writing for maximum readability & results

Infuse your writing with your unique personality and passion

Write effective, response-driven copy for your website, landing pages, emails, social media, and more!

Here’s what our 8 weeks together will look like...

OCTOBER: Generate a Huge Whack of “Content Fodder” for All Your Marketing Needs

OCT 12:

LET THERE BE WORDS! Let’s open the floodgates and get those words flowing - 2 hrs

OCT 19:

CLARIFY YOUR STORY: Share who you are and what you offer in a way that makes people say “YES!” - 2 hrs

OCT 26:

LEVERAGE EMPATHY FOR MAXIMUM ENGAGEMENT: Give your ideal people what they want, when they want it - 2 hrs

NOV 2:

GET TO THE POINT: Identify & emphasize the key info that will inspire the most interest and action - 2 hrs

NOVEMBER: Write & Polish Your Awesome Copy

NOV 9:

HOOKS & HEADLINES: Capture immediate attention and interest and inspire people to keep reading - 2 hrs

NOV 16:

BRING ON THE HEAT: Learn the insider secrets to writing copy that compels people into action - 2 hrs

NOV 23:

BRING ON THE SHINE: Advanced tips for polishing your writing so that your brilliance shines brightly - 2 hrs

NOV 30:

PERSIST AND PREVAIL: How to build on what you’ve learned and continue to evolve your writing - 2 hrs

** Each weekly WORDPLAY copy coaching session is an opportunity (and a commitment) for you to “show up and do the work.” What that work looks like is entirely up to you!

Introducing “Choose Your Own Adventure Style” Copywriting!

In WordPower Academy, YOU get to choose what copy project(s) you want to focus on during this program.

… Maybe you’re just starting out and need to write copy for a new website for your business.

… Maybe you’re gearing up to launch a new program or product.

… Maybe you’re looking to create an email sequence to introduce new subscribers to the value you offer.

… Or maybe you’re hoping to clarify the fundamentals of your marketing “story” – your voice, your WHY, your origin story, your “unique selling proposition,” and so on – and use those elements to create more compelling content for your blog, newsletters, and social media.


In WordPower Academy, you choose what you’d like to accomplish during our 8 weeks together so you can focus on the copy goals that will have the biggest impact on your business right now.

AND you’ll get 24/7 access to the complete WordPower Academy LIBRARY of copywriting lessons and resources to help you get it done!

Ready to Level Up Your WordPower? Doors close in...



1 payment of $1797


6 monthly payments of $300
Katherine Bock

“The best investment I’ve ever made.”

“Enrolling in Erin Whalen’s WordPower Academy was the best business investment that I’ve ever made.  Erin’s program provided step-by-step instructions to create sales and landing pages as well as how to create compelling emails that my clients and potential clients would want to read. The focus was on what would resonate with the potential client and make them want to work with me.

The vast resources she shared and the weekly live videos where we could ask questions and get feedback on our writing were invaluable.  I’ve heard from colleagues that they  hate to “sell” their services.  If you follow Erin’s expert advice, you won’t be selling, just tapping into the wants and needs of your prospects and showing how you can help them achieve their goals.  Value:  PRICELESS!

I plan to enroll in Erin’s next WordPower program because I derived so much value from the first program.  Won’t you join me?”

Executive Coach


“This is the program I didn’t know I needed.” 

“This is the program I didn’t know I needed. I had a lot of stories saying that I could not write copy for my business - not for my sales pages, my website, or really any other copy for that matter.

The Wordpower course really opened my eyes to seeing copy writing from a fresh new perspective. I learned that I could rely on structures that would serve both me and my audience/clients. I discovered it wasn’t “cheating” to follow tried-and-true communication methods, rather, it actually allows me to communicate with more ease and clarity.

Erin’s enthusiasm for the subject rubbed off on me and I daresay, got me excited about writing copy. I think anyone running a business could truly benefit from taking this course. I feel more confident in my writing in general, and I learned SO MUCH about what actually works and how to create excellent copy.”

Creator of Ultra EFT

Holly Tate

“I’m a WordPower fan for life.” 

Enrolling in WordPower Academy is the single best business investment I have made in the past 2 years, hands down. My copywriting has improved dramatically, but the greatest impact WordPower has created for me - the icing on the cake - is the quantum leap it has built in my self confidence.

WPA is the copywriting recipe for success: how to express who you are, what you do, how you do it and why.  It blends all the ingredients for every kind of copy you need. And Erin Is the awesome-sauce on top - full of flavorful insights and sweet - but spicy enough to give you that extra zest you need to succeed! 

~ Holly Tate, Artist, Educator, Authenticity Coach and Creator of A Cup of Rainbows: Creative Inspiration, Personal Transformation & Soul Calibration

Here’s a quick peek at the training modules you’ll have access to for ONE FULL YEAR...
black woman singing on stage

Module 1

(4 video lessons + activities)

Write copy and content that reflects your natural writing voice and personality – so you make a stronger impression and develop deeper relationships with the people who are most likely to love what you offer.

paper in a vintage typewriter

Module 2

(8 video lessons + activities)

People want to know who you are, what you do, WHY you do it – and what makes you unique. Learn how to communicate this information in a way that captures people’s attention and inspires them to take action.

man engrossed in reading a magazine

Module 3

(4 video lessons + activities)

Online, you have only a few seconds to convince people to keep reading. Discover how to write captivating headlines and titles that spark people’s interest and make them curious to learn more.

overhead view of hands on top of a map

Module 4

(10 online lessons + activities and resources)

Your homepage is the “front door” of your website. Learn how to structure your homepage content effectively and write copy that inspires people to explore your website and connect with you on a deeper level.

child wearing a cape and sunglasses, hand pointed up to the sun

Module 5

(4 online lessons + activities)

Reveal the beating heart of your business with an engaging, personality-driven About page that speaks to your ideal customers/clients and gives them a clear idea of who you are and what it’s like to work with you.

two people's hands clasped

Module 6

(16 online lessons + activities - yep, this one’s huge)

Learn how to write compelling sales pages, landing pages, product pages, and services pages that do a great job of growing your business – without sounding salesy or fake.

woman in front of her laptop, reading her phone

Module 7

(6 online lessons + activities)

Email is STILL the most effective and profitable online marketing channel out there – yet most people are seriously underusing it! Learn how to write personality-driven emails that inspire more opens and clicks.

a wall with MORE AWESOME NOW painted on it

Module 8

(6 online lessons + activities)

Learn how to sculpt your message down to its core essence, elevate the quality of your writing with better grammar and word choice, and format and position your words for maximum impact.

… Plus, you’ll also receive 8 weeks of community support in our private Facebook group, where you can receive valuable advice and feedback on your writing!


Ready to Level Up Your WordPower? Doors close in...



1 payment of $1797


6 monthly payments of $300
Erin Whalen

Meet your “Copy Coach” & head cheerleader

Hi there! I’m Erin Whalen and I created this program for entrepreneurs and business owners who are making a positive impact in the world and are ready to get their message out in a much bigger way.

I have worked as a professional copywriter & digital content strategist since 2004 and my clients have included NY Times bestselling authors and personal development experts, such as Jack Canfield, Iyanla Vanzant, Kathleen Seeley, as well as digital marketing agencies, global software companies, online retail companies, solo entrepreneurs, and more.

Now I’d like to help you find YOUR words – and transform the act of writing copy for your business from a “necessary chore” into a fun & easy activity you actually LOOK FORWARD TO.

“Erin is a clear and compelling communicator who writes results-producing copy that proceeds from a place of empathy, speaks to people's hearts, and inspires them to take action. Her writing has helped generate millions of dollars for my organization.”

Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and author of The Success Principles


“Beyond my expectations” 

"Erin's deep passion to help people with her amazing copywriting knowledge and positive attitude has helped me create website, sales pages and email content that communicate my message in an authentic and effective way! The WordPower Program was beyond my expectations, and I highly recommend it to trainers, coaches, and anyone who wants to hone in their writing skills and develop their own content with less stress and a lot more confidence!"

Certified Trainer & Mindfulness Meditation Teacher


“Highly recommend this program” 

“Wordpower was great!  I learned how to write compelling online copy that get results.  The copy reviews and lessons were wonderful.  Really appreciated all the sales, email and web page templates.  I'll continue to use the helpful resources for a long time to come.  Highly recommend this program.”

Intuitive Energy Healer


“Wordpower Academy is eye opening.”

Before taking the course, I had only a vague idea of what good copy looked like. In the process, I've become much more aware of what to strive for. With Erin you'll take a deep dive into who you really are. For only from that truth will emerge your authentic voice… I recommend her course even if you are just starting your business.”

Mind-Body & Life Coach

Kristin Clark

“It’s like looking deep into my eyes…” 

"Erin didn't just hold space for me to create, refine and polish my copy; she invited me to consider and explore my internal experience before even sitting down to write!  The result is a website that is so beautifully authentic, I'm told it's like looking deep into my eyes and feeling the warmth of my smile."

Author, The Grateful Jar Project

Untitled design (18)

“No longer plagued by thought-stifling questions” 

As a result of attending WordPower I am more confident and certain in my ability to write effective copy. I write emails, social media content and training materials with ease… If you’re looking to write great copy or have someone do it for you, WordPower will equip you with the knowledge, skills and tools to do both…You will leave the program prepared and confident in your ability to write sales pages, website pages, articles and more. Erin, you are phenomenal!” 

Certified Trauma Informed & Neuro-Transformation Coach


“WordPower Academy provided me with many marketing communications copywriting templates, making it easy and quick for me to produce concise copy that people will actually read. I found the course material very thorough and effortless to follow. I love Erin's enthusiasm for copywriting, deep knowledge, and years of experience. I would highly recommend this course to any business owner looking to communicate the value of what they offer clearly and concisely.”

Creative Director, Blue Citrus

Our 8 weeks together this fall is just the beginning...

In addition to the live teaching & implementation sessions, you will receive ONE FULL YEAR of 24/7 access to the complete WordPower Academy library of copywriting modules listed above.

That means you’ll be able to return to the lessons, activities, and resources and use them over and over as you continue to grow your business over the next 12 months and need to write more copy for your website, sales & landing pages, and email marketing!


FEELING MOTIVATED? You can complete the video lessons and do most of your writing on your own time, and use the weekly implementation sessions to polish your writing and get feedback on your work.

If you go hard, you could easily complete ALL of the modules this fall and write compelling copy for your website… your sales and/or landing pages… your upcoming email campaigns… and so much more.

OR, if you have a lot on your plate, you can simply show up for the weekly implementation sessions and use that time to work toward accomplishing one or two big writing goals.

No matter which path you choose, you are bound to accomplish more than you thought possible!

“Erin has a unicorn ability to authentically capture and convey the essence and power of my programs and boil it down to compelling copy. Thanks to her writing, we were able to sell out our new program just like that!”

founder of Massively Human

What Makes WordPower Academy different?

A lot of copywriting programs promise to teach you a “secret formula” that anyone can use to write “cash-generating copy” that will help them crush the competition and dominate their industry, blah blah blah. (Cool story, bro.)

But the secret to writing great copy isn’t a “formula.”


Yep, you read that right. Empathy.

When you’re able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and see what the world looks like through THEIR eyes, you’ll find it so much easier to communicate your value in a way that makes sense to THEM.

That’s why the WordPower Academy lessons and activities are designed to help you gain valuable clarity into the wants and needs of your ideal clients or customers – so you can see your products and services through THEIR eyes and provide the information that will give them the confidence they need to trust you and take ACTION on your offer!

a neon light in the shape of a heart
Tia Kelly

“Erin’s killer copywriting skills helped me fill my last coaching program with over 850 students – and she transformed an expensive but failing sales funnel into one that now produces the leads that I wanted!”

CEO, Co-founder

Leah Goard

“Erin is not just an extremely talented copywriter, she is a highly skilled word maven you want on your team! Erin has the ability to identify your core message, which is the most critical piece of your marketing puzzle, and present it in such a way that turns your message into a magnet for your business… And to top it all off she is an absolute pleasure to work with!”

Personal Transformation Coach

WordPower Academy is for you if...

You need fresh copy for your website

You’re about to launch a new program or product and need an effective sales page

You need a landing page for a new "opt-in" offer

You need more clarity around your "brand story"

You'd rather communicate and connect with people than simply "market" to them

You're ready to take your copy from "meh" or "pretty good" to FREAKING AWESOME!

You want to create an email sequence that transforms new subscribers into enthusiastic fans of your business

This program ISN’T for you if you absolutely HAAATE writing and always will, no matter what. (It’s okay if you’re nervous or ambivalent about writing – we can work with that! But if you absolutely LOATHE writing in any form or capacity, this program may not be your cup of tea.)

As with everything, what you put into this program is what you’ll get out of it. So if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and discover how much GREAT copy you can produce in 8 weeks, be sure to book your spot today.


“I hired Erin Whalen to write all the copy for my book launch this year. She did such a magnificent job that the book immediately became a #1 International Bestseller—now that is darn good results!”

Best-selling author of Goodbye Hurt & Pain and 7 Simple Steps to Health, Love and Success

Russ Kamalski

“Erin Whalen is the best! She is a very bright and strategic marketer. She understands direct response and getting consumers to take action and buy products. The copy she writes is clear, engaging, and effective. She also has a great sense of humor and is a pleasure to work with!”

CEO, Canfield Training Group

It's time to unleash your WORDPOWER!

Your tuition includes:

  • 1 FULL YEAR of 24/7 access to WordPower Academy’s complete library of 50+ copywriting lessons & activities plus additional resources
  • 8 live 2-hr teaching & implementation sessions via Zoom
  • 8-week membership to our private WORDPOWER ACADEMY Facebook group
  • 8+ weeks of ongoing tips & support via email
  • 24/7 access to all public “review & feedback” recordings
  • Plus the expert mentorship you need to write compelling copy that does a great job of capturing people’s attention and interest and motivating them to take ACTION.

$1797 until October 12 only – after that, doors close for good.


1 payment of $1797


6 monthly payments of $300
Tanis Frame

“Working with Erin has helped me tune into my own voice, fine-tune the frequency, and amp up the volume. Getting to tap into the insights and strategies behind her copy writing superpowers and her industry savvy has been the magic sauce to help me connect online with my people. And the best part is… she makes that learning ridiculously fun.”

Decide to Thrive

Jody MacDonald

“Erin’s PASSION for writing made this information-rich course all-caps FUN! This course delivered such great value – I know I’ll return to the resources again and again as I continue playing with words and honing my skills.”


"If you get the right words in the right order, you can nudge the world a little."


Got questions? We've got answers

"A word after a word after a word is power."